Golden Peg 2010

Pleasant Day And New Venue Gives Good Winning Weight

The final match of the season, The Golden Peg, took place at Jingles Fishery, Finchampstead, on Sunday 14th March 2010. Every year, a new venue is found for this match so to give every angler a fair chance of winning the prize money that this year topped just over £400.00. Jingles is only a small lake and fished 11 quite comfortably although there would have been space for a few more if necessary. Over the five hours, the rain stayed away, but the cloud began to move in towards the end of the match bringing with it some wind that made fishing difficult at times. Overall, every angler caught and had it been mid summer at this venue, the catch weights would have been a lot higher. The results are as below.

  1. D. Yates                        30lb 2oz
  2. S. Fairbrother                18lb 4oz
  3. B. Keirle                        11lb 0oz
  4. N. Norris                         6lb 6oz
  5. D. Pearce                         5lb 0oz
  6. D. Clark                           4lb 0oz
  7. M. McCarthy                   3lb 0oz
  8. R. Hatchett                       2lb 6oz
  9. K. Randall                        0lb 14oz
  10. J. Sitch                              0lb 12oz
  11. R. Norris                          0lb 12oz