Rules & Constitution

Swallowfield Fishing Club Constitution 2018


1. NAME – The club shall be called Swallowfield Fishing Club.

2. OBJECTIVES – The objectives of the club shall be the promotion of angling, good fellowship, and the renting, preservation, and restocking of their fisheries solely for the benefit of the membership.

3. MEMBERSHIP – This shall run from 16th June of the current year to 15th June of the following year. There shall be five categories of membership which are as follow:
Adult – Any person between the ages of 18 and 65 as of the 16th of June in the year of membership.
Colt – Any person not having attained the age of 18 as of the 16th June in the year of membership.
Senior – Any person having attained the age of 65 as of the 16th June in the year of membership.
Family – One or two adult members plus any dependant colt members of their immediate family.
Honorary – Membership as designated by the committee to persons deemed to be deserving of this honor.
Note: The committee will require agreements and/or indemnities from the parents or guardians of Colt members as a condition of membership.

4. OFFICERS – The officers of the club, who shall be members of the committee, shall Any person not having attained the age of 18 as of the 16th June in the year of membership be a Chairman, a Secretary, and a Treasurer and shall be nominated and elected at Each Annual General Meeting.

5. COMMITTEE – The Club shall be managed by a committee of up to 12 members, including the Officers who shall be nominated and elected at the Annual General Meeting. The committee shall have the right to fill any vacancy that shall occur during the year.

6. SUBSCRIPTIONS – The annual subscriptions and joining fees shall be determined by the committee and circulated to the members prior to the Annual General Meeting.

7. EXPULSION OR SUSPENSION OF MEMBERS – The committee shall have the power to expel, suspend or caution any member who shall offend against the rules of the club, or whose conduct shall, in the opinion of the committee, render that person unfit for continuing membership of the club. Before any member is expelled, suspended, or cautioned, the secretary shall give him or her, a minimum of seven days’ notice to appear before the committee to answer the complaint(s) made against them.

8. BYE-LAWS & RULES – The committee shall have the power to make and amend by-laws and rules for regulating the conduct of the club providing that these rules are not in conflict with existing rules or the constitution of the club. The committee shall have the power to make and amend competition rules.

9. TRUSTEES – The trustees of the club shall be the Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer and any property of the club shall be vested in them as trustees. All ordinary members of the club will indemnify the trustees in respect of any liabilities incurred by the trustees by virtue of their office.

10. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – A notice convening the Annual General Meeting shall be sent to the members not less than ten days prior to the meeting. The Annual General Meeting shall be held every year and no later than the 30th of September and shall conduct business as advised by the committee, but must include the approval of the club’s accounts for the previous year and the election of officers and committee for the coming year.

11. EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING – An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by the committee at any time if deemed appropriate and notification of this shall be sent to ordinary members at least 14 days prior to the date of the meeting. Such a meeting may also be convened if requested, by no fewer than 7 ordinary members of the club to deal with any matter(s) that these members deem important enough to require such a meeting.

12. CHAIR AT MEETINGS – The Chairman of the club, if present, shall preside at committee and general meetings. In his absence, a Chairman shall be elected to preside. In all cases, the Chairman of any meeting shall have the casting or additional vote in the equality of votes.

13. QUORUM – At committee meetings, five shall form a quorum, of which one must be an officer of the club. At general meetings, seven shall form a quorum, of which one must be an officer of the club.

14. DISSOLUTION – Should the club at any time be dissolved, then an Extraordinary General Meeting will be convened in accordance with the terms outlined in paragraph 11 to decide the disposal of funds available after all liabilities have been discharged. It is agreed that any such funds will be donated to a suitable charity as agreed by the majority of those present at such a meeting. Any such meeting should also decide on the disposal of the club’s property, including all trophies previously awarded.

Swallowfield Fishing Club
Club Rules and Match Rules

Revised 2010
Last Updated May 2017

All members are Club Water Keepers. Please check other anglers’
permits and be ready to present your own permit if asked to do so.

  • Please use barbless hooks.
  • Take special care in areas with overhead power lines.Chairman: Barney Fairbrother 07849834844
    Secretary: Rebecca Featherstone 07920092107
    Treasurer: Le Atkins 07711017557
    Membership Sec: David Randall 07941794154
    Match Sec: Dave Shears 07903689458
    Local Environment Agency Offices: 0845 933 3111

Decoy Pond Access and Parking

Please note: The main entrance to Swallowfield Park now has an electric gate. We CANNOT give out the gate code except in exceptional circumstances. Access for cars MUST be via the East Drive next to Swallowfield Church. This will bring you to the car park on the East side of “South Lawn” in the above diagram. Do Not worry about the “No Exit” when you leave via the East Drive. If any gates are closed on your way in or out please close them behind you.

Swallowfield Fishing Club Rules

1. These Rules refer to all fishing on Swallowfield Fishing Club (SFC) waters.
Additional Rules govern the conduct of inter and intra club fishing matches.
2. The Club Rules and Match Rules reflect the Constitution of SFC. This
promotes angling, good fellowship and the preservation of a local amenity for
the Parishioners of Swallowfield and surrounding areas.
3. Anglers may only fish on the Loddon and Blackwater rivers during the
course-fishing season for flowing waters – 16 June to 14 March inclusive.
4. Anglers may fish with one or two rods on the rivers. Anglers fishing the
Decoy Pond must only use one rod. All anglers including members, guests
and visitors must have a valid Environment Agency rod licence before they
start to fish.
5. Anglers must not use lead shot larger than number eight or lead weights of
any form that weigh less than 57 grammes.
6. SFC waters are divided into the beats shown on the back of these Rules.
Anglers must only fish within the boundaries of these beats.
Please note: there is no beat one.
7. If a fishing match is taking place, Anglers not taking part in the match should
fish the other beats.
8. Anglers must not disturb other anglers or cause annoyance to local residents.
Anglers must use the gates provided for access to and within Swallowfield
Park and not climb over any fence. Anglers must not fish from any bridge.
9. All anglers should carry their membership card and permit at all times when
on Club waters and be prepared to produce them if asked to do so.
10. SFC will provide fishing permits free of charge to persons nominated by our
landlords. Anyone so nominated will be entitled to fish all SFC waters and
matches and will be expected to comply with these Rules.
11. Club members may take one or more guests to fish our waters provided they
purchase a guest ticket for each of them in advance. Guest tickets are
available from the Club Secretary or other Club Official. Guests must have a
valid Environment Agency rod licence and must comply with all Club Rules.
Club members must accompany their guests at all times. Guests may not fish
in Club matches.
12. Access to the rivers is through the gate from the Parish Hall car park. Anglers
must not climb any fence, walk across cultivated fields or disturb any farming
13. Anglers must not throw litter in the water or leave any litter anywhere on
Club waters or adjoining land. Anglers should take home their own litter,
including discarded fishing line, and any litter they find on the bank.
14. Anglers must not use any form of radio or audio equipment that another
person could hear.
15. Anglers must not take dogs onto SFC waters.
16. Anglers must not light fires.
17. Anglers must close all gates behind them and lock those that have Club
18. Anglers must not remove any fish of any species from Club waters except
with the prior approval of the Committee.
19. The parents or guardians of Colt members must sign their membership
application and take responsibility for the actions of the Colt member. This
includes reimbursing the Club for any loss or damage the Colt may cause.
20. The parents or guardians of Colt members must decide whether to allow
them to fish unaccompanied or at night. The committee may reject
applications from Colt members who cannot swim.
21. Members who indulge in unruly behaviour or any conduct that goes against
the Constitution, Rules or spirit of SFC may have their membership
suspended or be expelled from the Club at the discretion of the Committee.
22. Keep nets and landing nets must be made of knot-free mesh. Keep nets must
be of a minimum diameter of 45cm (18in) and a minimum length of 2.5m
(8ft). All anglers must release any fish they have in keep nets before moving
to another swim. Anglers may keep fish in nets for a maximum of six hours
after which they must release them.
23. Anglers must not use hand lines or gaffs.
24. Anglers must not do anything that endangers wildlife.
25. Parking: Anglers fishing the Blackwater or Loddon should park in the
Parish Hall car park, but please note this is locked at 11:00 pm. Anglers
fishing the Decoy Pond only may park in the car park shown on the Decoy
Pond map. Registered disabled anglers with a valid disabled parking badge
displayed in their car may, at the discretion of our landlords, park in the layby next to Pitts Bridge provided there is room for them to do so. Anglers
must not park in the grounds of Swallowfield Church or anywhere else in
Swallowfield Park.
26. SFC members and their guests who fish the Club’s waters do so entirely at
their own risk.
27. Anglers must not use live fish as bait.
28. Wading or swimming is not allowed.
29. No Tents or Bivvies.

Additional Rules Specific to the Decoy Pond

1. All existing and future SFC General and Match Rules apply.
2. A maximum of twelve anglers may fish the Decoy Pond at any one time.
3. A maximum of twelve cars may use the Decoy Pond car park at any one time.
4. All anglers must have their SFC membership card and permit, or guest ticket
if applicable, with them at all times.
5. Anglers must only use the path to the Decoy Pond shown on the map.
6. Fishing is allowed between 08:00 and 20.00 and only then during daylight
hours. Fishing before sunrise or after sunset is not allowed. Anglers must not
arrive at the Decoy Pond or car park before 08:00 and must leave by 20:30 or
sooner if it gets dark.
7. Anglers must use barbless hooks only.
8. Anglers must park their cars in the designated car park and not exceed the
speed limits displayed. Please respect the residents of Swallowfield House,
many of whom are elderly.
Note: Please make sure that you will not exceed the maximum number of anglers
allowed before you start to fish. This is to minimise any disturbance to the
residents of Swallowfield House. Please see the map for access routes and
9. If you wish to photograph fish catches, please make sure that your
photographic equipment is ready to hand.
10. No litter to be left anywhere.
11. No Alcohol.
12. No Fires
13. Fish from the marked pegs only.
14. 1kg groundbait (dry weight) per angler per session.
15. Feed pellets should be of the coarse or carp variety (low oil content), Trout &
Halibut pellets (high oil content) may be used as hook baits only.
16. No Dog or Cat meat.
17. No cereal, seed or nut based baits, with the exception of sweetcorn, maize &
18. Any unused bait must not be thrown into the lake – Take it home !!.
19. No Tackle to be left unattended.
20. No fixed leads.
21. Keepnets may be used but must be completely dry before being used. This is
to minimise the transfer of disease.
22. No fish over 1lb to be put in keepnets.
23. No carp sacks
24. Unhooking mats to be used at all times.
25. No braided main line.
26. No method feeders.
27. One rod per angler.
28. No bite alarms
29. Fish must be weighed in a wetted sling or landing net.
30. Please do not fish to more than half way across the lake from your peg.

Swallowfield Fishing Club Match Rules

1. Paid up members of Swallowfield Fishing Club are entitled, and encouraged,
to take part in all Club matches.
2. The organisation and conduct of fishing matches on SFC waters shall always
be in keeping with the Club’s Constitution – in particular the promotion of
angling, good fellowship and the preservation of a Parish amenity.
3. Competitors must observe all SFC General and Match Rules. During away
matches, the host Club’s or other water’s rules will apply.
4. All competitors wanting to fish the Golden Peg Match at the end of the
current season, must have fished at least 10 matches throughout the current
season and not be in arrears with fees related to the Golden Peg Match.
5. Until the match has ended, only competitors may fish the beats allocated for
the match on that day. Beats for non-competitors will be shown on a map
displayed in the Parish Hall car park.
6. Competitors found in breach of the Rules should be reported to the match
stewards or directly to the Committee.
7. The Committee may disqualify any competitor who breaches the Rules. Any
such case, and the sanctions applied, will be dealt with individually.
8.  Points scored (see Rule 27) in the designated number of matches (currently
10) will count towards the Club Championship. In the event of a tie the
competitor with the most first places, or if equal second places and so on, will
gain the higher place.
9. There shall be two age-related match-fishing sections. All SFC members aged
18 or over on 16 June in any given year shall fish in the Adult section. SFC
members aged 17 or younger on 16 June shall fish in the Colts section.
10. Colt members may not transfer to the Adult section during the course of a
11. Inter and intra club matches may be pegged or roving.
12. All competitors shall draw a number to determine the peg they shall fish or,
in the case of ‘rover’ matches, the order they walk off.
13. If a Colt thinks that their peg is un-fishable they should tell a steward. If the
steward agrees the Colt may draw another peg. An Adult competitor will only
be allowed to draw another peg in exceptional circumstances and at the
steward’s discretion.
14. A list of stewards will be drawn up at the start of the season. At least two
15. Match stewards will be responsible for the draw, distribution of scales,
collection of results and arbitration of any complaints.
16. Competitors must fish within 2m (6ft) of their peg and must not disturb any
other competitor. Stewards who are fishing the match may visit other pegs if
17. Competitors must use only one rod, line and hook at any one time. Other
rods and tackles may be assembled and ready for use but the hooks must not
be baited.
18. Any hook or ground bait may be used except live or dead fish, spinning baits
or artificial lures unless these are specifically permitted for the match in
19. Pike fishing matches may be organised from time to time and specific rules
for these matches will be announced on the day.
20. Without contravention of any other Rules, particularly those pertaining to
fish retained in nets, the weight of all course fish, except pike, caught and
retained at the end of the match will count: any pike, trout, grayling or salmon
21. Adult competitors must play and land their own fish. Colts may have
assistance landing a fish from another person.
22. Fish may only be retained in a keep net made from knot-free mesh with a
minimum diameter of 45cm (18in) and a minimum length of 2.5m (8ft).
Some venues will required the use of two keepnets, one for carp and the
other for silver fish.
23. Before the start of any match, the water surface may only be broken to wet
ground bait, position a keepnet, plumb the depth and to shot floats.
Competitors must not bait their hooks until the starting signal.
24. Wading is not allowed in matches or at any other time on SFC waters.
25. Catches shall be weighed at the end of the match. Any competitor who has
litter lying in their swim will not have their catch weighed and may be
disqualified. Competitors are responsible for ensuring that the match steward
records their catch weight correctly.
26. Competitors must not move any individual fish or any fish in nets from the
peg where they are caught.
27. In exceptional circumstances (for instance, flooding) the match stewards may
decide to relocate the match or abandon it entirely.
28. Points will be awarded as follows.

Points Total
For drawing a peg 1 1
For weighing in 1 2
Plus for:
10th place 1 3
9th place 2 4
8th place 3 5
7th place 4 6
6th place 5 7
5th place 6 8
4th place 7 9
3rd place 8 10
2nd place 9 11
1st place 10 12

Note: If competitors tie for any position in the top ten, then all subsequent places
will increase by the numbers involved in the tie or ties. The best 10 places for
each competitor will decide the Club Championship for that year.
29. The Club’s match fishing policy, the programme of matches and the Rules
governing them shall be presented to the appropriate Annual General
30. Not withstanding Rule 28 and in keeping with the SFC Constitution (item
11b) the Committee, acting in the interests of all SFC members, may in
exceptional circumstances revise the programme of matches and the Rules
which govern those matches.

Useful Details:
Environment Agency Hotline – 0800 80 70 60
Club Website –
Fish Legal – Eastwood House, 6 Rainbow Street, Leominster,
HR6 8DQ, Tel: 01568 620447
Angling Trust – Eastwood House, 6 Rainbow Street, Leominster,
Herefordshire HR6 8DQ
Tel: 0844 7700616
Woodley Tackle Box
181 Wokingham Road, Reading RG6 1LT
Tel No: 0118 926 9183
Thames Valley Angling
258, Kentwood Hill, Tilehurst, Reading, Berkshire. RG31 6DR
Tel No: 0118 942 8249
Tadley Angling
Padworth Road, Padworth Common, Berkshire.RG7 4QG
Tel No: 01189701533
Steve’s Fishing Cabin
12 Great Hollands Square, Bracknell, Berkshire. RG12 8UX
Tel No: 01344 311777
Maidenhead Bait & Tackle
11 Station Parade, Station Hill, Cookham, Maidenhead, Berkshire
SL6 9BR.
Tel No: 01628 530500
Angling Direct
Unit 9, The Io Trade Centre, 8 Deacon Way, Reading RG30 6AZ
Tel No. 0118 941 2896
Crowthorne Angling
91-95 Church Street, Crowthorne, Berkshire. RG45 7AW
Tel No: 01344 777411